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Student in-person Groups:
Students planning to attend in-person will be split into 2 groups.  The groups are:

  • Group A - Students with last names beginning A – Lit will attend in person classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and attend remotely on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Group B - Students with last names beginning Liu – Z will attend in person on Thursdays and Fridays and attend remotely on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Students planning to stay remote will continue to attend classes remotely each weekday.

Student Schedule:
The student day for all Pine Lake students will be a six-period day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, like our normal in-person class schedule. Classes on these days will begin at 8 am and end at 2:25.

All students will continue to participate in Social Emotional Learning remotely via computer every Wednesday from 9:40-10:25 am. Additionally, students may connect with their teacher or counselor remotely during support meeting time on Wednesdays from 10:30 am -12:00 pm. The remainder of the day is reserved for students to engage in independent classwork.

The Bell Schedule for Hybrid In-Person/Remote is linked here

6th Grade and New Student Orientation
Pine Lake will host an Orientation and Tours for our 6th graders and for any students new to PLMS since the March 2020 school closure.  If you have a new student to Pine Lake, check your Skyward email for details about New Student Orientation or email Meagan Elliot at elliotm@issaquah.wednet.edu with questions.

All current 6th graders are invited to attend a Compass Orientation and Tour on April 14 from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm:
At this event,
students only will be permitted to enter campus and take a tour with 8th grade Compass Leaders.  Students attending the Orientation and Tour will need to complete an Attestation form that will be sent via Skyward email and have temperature taken before entering the building.  Please print a copy of your student’s schedule from Skyward to bring to the tour or have your student take a photo of their schedule with their personal device to bring to campus.  In order to limit the number of students on campus, please arrive on campus at the time listed below.  If your student cannot attend during the assigned window, they may come during another slot, but please try to stick to the schedule to limit lines and allow for social distancing. 

We will also have a student orientation and tour on the first day of in person learning for each group to be certain all new students have a chance to get to know our campus and expectations.  If your student cannot attend the Orientation/Tour on April 14, they will get this on the first day of school.

Parents will need to wait in the parking lot during the 15-minute tour.

6th Grade Student Orientation and Tour Times

10:30- Students with last names beginning A, B

10:45- Students with last names beginning C, D

11:00- Students with last names beginning E, F

11:15- Students with last names beginning G, H, I

11:30- Students with last names beginning J, K

11:45- Students with last names beginning L, M

12:00- Students with last names beginning N, O, P

12:15- Students with last names beginning Q, R

12:30- Students with last names beginning S

12:45- Students with last names beginning T, U, V

1:00-   Students with last names beginning W

1:15-   Students with last names beginning X, Y, Z

Morning In-person Check-In:
Students will be welcomed and check in at school between 7:40-7:55 am. Please do not drop your student off at school before this time. During this time school staff will verify students have a completed health attestation and confirm the student has a normal temperature (below 100 degrees). Students must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while on campus.

First period class will begin at 8 am. Parents and/or guardians must complete a health attestation for each child attending in-person school at Pine Lake. If a student does not have a completed health attestation, the student will not be able to go to class until one is completed. Staff will contact parents of any student on campus without a completed health attestation.  If a student is experiencing COVID-like symptoms or just generally not feeling well, they must stay home. This helps keep everyone safe.

Middle School Return to In-Person Hybrid Handbook:
Please click here to review the Pine Lake Hybrid Handbook for In-person Hybrid Instruction. This handbook contains specific guidelines and COVID mitigation protocols for Pine Lake Middle School and also contains valuable information to help prepare your student for in-person hybrid learning. Parents are encouraged to review the handbook with their student prior to their student’s first day back on campus.

Arriving on Campus:
Bus, Parent Drop Off & Walkers/Bikers: We know that in-person Pine Lake students will arrive to our campus in a number of ways: by bus, by car and by foot. Students must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while on campus.

Bus Drop Off: Students arriving by bus will be greeted by school staff who will confirm their daily health attestation is completed and take their temperature to ensure it is not higher than 100 degrees. After students are cleared to enter the building, they will report to their first period class. We will have staff and clear signage to help direct students to the proper entrance for check-in.

Parent Drop Off: Prior to exiting the car, a school staff member will greet students to ensure their temperature is below 100 degrees and that their daily health attestation is completed. We will have school staff ready to check students in. All occupants of the vehicle must wear masks while this check in process is completed. After students are cleared to enter the building, they can report to their first period class.

We ask that parents please be patient during this process. It is highly likely that, with these new safety procedures, there will be delays at parent drop off by the front entrance. 

Walkers & Bikers: Students arriving by foot will be greeted by school staff who will confirm their daily health attestation and take their temperature. After students are cleared to enter the building, they will report to their first period class. We’d like to remind bikers to walk their bike on campus grounds, wear a helmet and lock their bike up near the front entrance at bike racks.

How does Hybrid work for Remote-Only Students?
Students whose families choose to keep them home for 100% remote learning will continue to participate in class, although it will likely look a little different. The bell schedule (draft schedule linked above) will change effective Thursday April 15th for students who are learning 100% remotely to be in line with in-person learners.  The plan for all secondary teachers is to teach concurrently to both in-person and remote students. This is a new learning for all of us and Pine Lake staff members are busy increasing our understanding and skills to ensure students have a high-quality experience no matter where they are learning.  During the first few days of in-person learning, remote students will be included in conversations about in-building procedures and community expectations as we inform in-building learners of this information.

Attestation Process and Planning:
Prior to their arrival on campus for in-person instruction, every student with the assistance of their parent(s) is required to have completed the attestation health screening process.  Students will not be allowed to attend school without a completed attestation. 

  • Each day at 4:30 a.m., the District will send an email to the address of parent 1 of family 1 in Skyward. This is the only address that will receive the attestation email.  Email Lakshmi Palaniappan, our school registrar if you want to confirm or make changes to the parent/email address of parent 1 listed in Skyward.
  • The email will instruct you to fill out a daily symptom check for your student and will include a link.
  • The link will take you to a page asking several questions. It will ask whether you plan for your student to attend school in-person that day, whether they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, and whether they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.
  • After you have completed the questions, the system will tell you whether your student is certified to come to school that day.
  • The initial email will give you the option to enter your cell phone number if you would like to receive the link to complete the health attestation by text message each day. If you choose this option, you will receive a text message at about 6:30 a.m. daily. Each daily email will include the option to opt in to receiving text messages.
  • The district will send a test attestation emails on Thursday, April 1 and Friday, April 2 to families assigned to in-person instruction for those days of the week. Then, after spring break will send test attestation emails on Monday, April 12 or Tuesday, April 13, to families assigned to in-person instruction on those days of the week.  These test attestations will give parents an opportunity to confirm receipt, become familiar with the process and contact the school office with any questions prior to the student’s first day of in-person instruction.
  • Contact the school office if hard copy attestation forms are your preferred option at brooksn@issaquah.wednet.edu

Frequently Asked Questions:
Please click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to In-Person Hybrid Instruction.

Hybrid Pro-Tips:
Laptops: We ask that students bring either a personal or district issued laptop to school each day and ensure it is fully charged. We encourage families to create charging routines in the evening to ensure students can use their laptop during the school day without disruption. If your student has a computer for home use, but would like to use a school computer on in-person days, a laptop will be available for use in classrooms and will be sanitized after each use. If you would like to check out an ISD Laptop at this time, please follow this link: https://bit.ly/3hV9r0m .

Lockers & Backpacks: At this time, we are not able to permit students to access or use lockers. We ask that families keep this in mind when students are preparing for their school day. Students can bring and use a laptop during the school day but only bring what they need for the day such as: coat, laptop, charging cord, notebook, writing utensil, lunch and refillable water bottle.

Lunch: Students will have a lunch period during the day where they can sit 6 feet apart, take their masks off and eat their lunch. Microwave use is not permitted during this time. Students will be able to get a hot lunch from the Pine Lake kitchen.

Attendance & Early Dismissal: Please contact the Attendance Office for student absence from remote or in person class. At this time, we cannot permit parents or visitors into the school building. If parents do arrive on campus to pick up a student, please anticipate communicating with our main office via phone and waiting for your student outside if picking them up early. You may call or email our Attendance Office Professional at 425-837-5701 or at plmsattendance@issaquah.wednet.edu

COVID Mitigation & Safety: All students and staff must practice COVID Mitigation protocols including washing hands frequently, wearing a mask (over nose and mouth), maintaining social distance, confirming a normal temperature (below 100 degrees) and completing a daily health attestation prior to entering the building. We have been busy at Pine Lake developing plans, moving furniture and working with staff to ensure we welcome back students to a safe learning environment. Our district protocols are in alignment with WA Dept. of Health.

In the coming days, middle school families should expect the following:

  • April 1: Parents can access bus routes on E-Link. 
  • April 2: Last full synchronous remote student day with current classroom configuration.
  • April 5—9: Spring Break
  • No later than April 12: Parents notify the school office at 425-837-5777 of their student's mask wearing accommodation needs.
  • April 12-14:Asynchronous remote learning for all middle students via Canvas to allow teachers to prepare for start of in-person hybrid learning (concurrent livestreaming). Parents should confirm that their student attended asynchronously for April 12-14 using the District’s attendance reporting form on our website.
  • April 1 & 2 and 12 & 13: Test Attestation emails sent to address of parent 1 of family 1 listed in Skyward based on the student in-person assignment days.
  • April 15: First day of in-person hybrid and concurrent livestreaming for middle school students.

While it is our hope that every middle school student attend in-person instruction on their assigned days, we are mindful that remaining fully remote may be the preferred option for some of our families.  It is important for these families to know their student’s “chair” in each of their classes is waiting their return when the time is right.

We appreciate your partnership in reviewing expectations, helping to enforce all COVID-19 safety requirements, and keeping ill or symptomatic students' home.  We look forward to welcoming your students back into the classroom!