Volleyball Coach

Sarah Bluhm-Arnold (Head Coach)

Meagan Elliot

Jamboree Volleyball Coaches

Laura Russell (Head Coach)

Heather Schopen


Jamboree Volleyball 2019

Jamboree volleyball is great for students who want to have fun and learn the sport of volleyball. Since we have so many girls we form several teams that participate in jamboree style games. Each team will play another team for a set period of time. This allows for each team of 6 to play several games against several different teams. A typical jamboree lasts around 1.5 hours and everyone gets lots of opportunities to play.

Practice: Practices are twice a week for 1.5 hours. Students will be released in time to catch the activity bus. Some weeks we may only have 1 practice if we also have a game. Please refer to the schedule for the practice days. Players need to dress appropriately for practice or they will have to sit out.

Dress: Athletic style clothing and athletic shoes. Knee pads are helpful, but not required. Students will have access to the lockers room to change. PE clothes are needed for game days.

Games: There will be 4 games against the other Issaquah middle schools. Two will be here at Pine Lake and two will be away. You may be picked up by your parents from away games, but please check in with a coach before you leave. We will have buses to and from away games, but your parents need to pick you up from Pine Lake when you return from the bus, Coaches are required to wait with students until a parent arrives so please have you parents arrive early so you don't have to wait.

Questions? Please feel free to email us. We look forward to a great season!

Laura Russell - russelll3@issaquah.wednet.edu