Spring Sports - Season 4

Track Coach

Mr. Cress

Track Packet

Pine Lake Track

Welcome to the Pine Lake Track Program.

Pine Lake is known throughout the district and league for having a great track team each year. In the history of the school, we have only lost a handful of meets. That, however, is not what makes our program great. As coaches, our goal is to help each athlete improve regardless of his or her own speed or ability. “Personal Records” are what we strive for, and if we win the race, that’s an added bonus.

Track is a team sport at Pine Lake. We work hard as a team to improve. Any student is welcome to be on the team. All we ask is that each student be committed to push themselves and give 100% each day in practice. Those that do are guaranteed to see improvement.

Our new league now consists of the 5 Issaquah School District Middle Schools. We compete against all of them with all of our grades.
As you will see from the schedule, this should be an exciting season. We will be having two home meets, and our League Finals will be at Issaquah High School. This year our finals will include 6th, 7th, & 8th graders. As coaches, we are excited and looking forward to this season.

The following information will help you understand how our program works:

Coaches – all are PLMS Teachers/Staff

If you need to contact us, please find your child’s coach

Head coaches:

Roy Cress – overall admin and organization
Angie Hardy – 6th girls and Hurdles

Assistant coaches:

Scott Gray – 7th boys, distance boys, Discus
Jeff Jewell – boys and Discus
Eric Ensey - 8th boys and High Jump
Chris Miske – 6th boys, Shot put
Sarah Bluhm – 6th girls and High Jump
Carolyn Booth – 7th girls and Long Jump
Meagan Elliot – 8th girls and Hurdles

Typical Daily Routine

2:15-2:25 Attendance, stretching, warm-ups
2:25-3:10 Running workout in Sprint or Distance groups
3:10-3:35 Field events, hurdles


As coaches, we feel goals are very important. If realistically set, they not only help you measure improvement, but act as a motivator as well.

As coaches, our goals are:

  • To prepare you mentally and physically to compete in meets.
  • To bring out your best, and help you improve as much as possible.
  • To run a quality program & maintain Pine Lake’s strong track tradition.
  • Total team participation.

As athletes, we encourage you to set personal goals:

This is up to you to realistically decide on.

  • Give 100% in effort and attitude?
  • Make it to finals?
  • Set a school record?
  • Have fun?
  • Run a personal best?
  • Make new friends?
  • Score points at a meet?
  • Get in better shape?


  • Practice starts at 2:45 (3:40 on Wed.), in the gym, dressed and ready.
  • Practice ends at 4:10 (5:10 on Wed). Locker rooms remained locked until 4:10.
  • Activity buses leave at 4:20 (5:20 on Wed.) during track season.
  • 10 turnouts are required to participate in the first meet.
  • Attendance is critical… you must be here to run!
    If you have an unexcused absence during the week, you will NOT RUN in the meet! If you are absent from practice the day before a meet, you are ineligible for that meet unless you have made arrangements with your coach.
  • You must be at school for all classes on meet days. If not, you cannot participate in the meet. See your coach for exceptions with this item.
  • Communicate with us. We will be flexible with you if you come and talk to us. If you are not responsible and do not talk with us before missing a practice, we consider it a lesson in responsibility and you will miss a meet. The team is also impacted when this happens.
  • If you are injured or sick, we want you to go home and get well. Talk with your coaches when this happens.
  • Everyone does a running workout; it will vary depending on your events.
  • You represent the school, the team, the coaches, and mostly yourself. Poor behavior or academic performance in school may be cause for removal from the team.
  • Commitment from you: to yourself, to the team, to the coaches!


  • Write your name on all items you own.
  • Clothes to work out in
  • Good running shoes to avoid injury
  • Sweats or windbreakers are recommended for practice days. (Not uniform sweats)
  • Gloves and hats; be prepared for rainy and cold weather!
  • Spikes if you choose, ¼ inch for our track, 1/8 inch for Issaquah High track.
  • Inexpensive watch with a stopwatch
  • Water bottle with your name on it

Preventative Maintenance:

  • It is common to be sore at the beginning of the season.
  • Stretch and do your warm up runs conscientiously; we do these to avoid injury.
  • Always cool down; don’t just stop after a hard run.
  • Drink lots of water; pop doesn’t replace bodily fluids lost from sweating, it actually dehydrates you more.
  • Get to bed and rest at night.
  • Stretch on your own at home.
  • To improve, do some easy running on the weekends.
  • A positive attitude will help you, even when you don’t feel like it!


  • You will have coaches for the events in which you compete.
  • As coaches, we also reserve the right to put you in events where you will help the team the most and be most competitive.

It’s important to keep in mind:

  • Everyone can make a contribution to the team’s success.
  • That we continuously encourage one another to improve.
  • Preparation and determination, not luck, win the close ones.
  • Outstanding athletes are made, not born.
  • Confidence comes from doing.
  • Desire and heart will sometimes make up for ability.
  • Respect all your opponents, but fear no one.
  • Every successful athlete has spent hours in practice.
  • There is no “I” in the word Team.