Boundary Review Committee Charter 2021


Superintendent Ron Thiele


To advise the Superintendent as he prepares a recommendation for the school board to approve a district-wide school boundary recommendation for grades K-8 beginning in the 2021-22 school year.

Time Frame:

  • December 2020—February 2021: Boundary Review Committee meets on December 3, 17, January 7, 21 and, if needed, February 4.


School boundaries should be established when possible to promote:

  • Fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency.
  • Bus routes of reasonable length and distance.
  • Utilization of building capacity.
  • Numeric balance of student populations between schools.
  • Keeping neighborhood student populations together at schools.
  • Long-term flexibility/options to accommodate growth.


The Committee shall not determine:

  • Placement of programs.
  • School closures or school construction.
  • Staffing levels.
  • Portable use or placement.
  • Grandfathering of students or other boundary implementation procedures.


One parent representative and one principal representative from each school will make up the voting membership. All members must adhere to the Roles and Responsibilities agreement they signed during the application process.

Community involvement:

Community members will provide ongoing feedback via response loops such as a dedicated e-mail account; the Committee will also hold community meetings to present the draft boundary proposal and collect input. The Committee will convene to consider all the feedback before any final option is made to the superintendent.


Dr.Josh Almy, Deputy Superintendent and Jake Kuper, CFO

Technical Team:

Executive Director of Finance and Support Services, Executive Director of Elementary, Executive Director of Middle Schools, Executive Director of High Schools, Executive Director of Special Education, Director of Capital Projects, Director of Transportation, and Transportation Supervisor will provide facilitation, admin support, and guidance with all technical information and data.