December 3 - Meeting Information

2021 Boundary Review Committee Meeting - 6:00-8:00 p.m., Thursday, December 3, 2020

Zoom Meeting:


  • Welcome and Introductions
    • Superintendent Thiele, Dr. Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • Agenda Review and Meeting Dates/Times
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • Group operating norms and charter review
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper, and Technical Team
  • Community/Stakeholder feedback and committee information timeline
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • How to do a boundary review in a Virtual Setting
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • Break-out rooms
  • Main rooms
  • Chat, etc?
  • Discuss and take action on voting thresholds and quorum requirements
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • Review district enrollment and facility data
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • Spring Board proposal for boundaries
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper
  • Overview of next meeting and closure
    • Josh Almy, Jake Kuper

Meeting Mini Summary

2021 Boundary Review Committee - December 3, 2020

Official Action

The committee decided, via simple majority, that quorum is considered to be 75% of all committee voting members (or 30 members). The committee also decided, via simple majority, that threshold in order to pass a vote will be 75%. No proxy votes will be permitted.


For the inaugural meeting, committee members introduced themselves and reviewed the charter, operating norms, and discussed how to hold a boundary review within a virtual setting. Quorum and passage thresholds were established. The Technical team presented an overview of District enrollment and facility data, along with the springboard proposal for new elementary and middle school boundaries.

Up Next

Committee members will return for the next meeting on December 17. During this time in between meetings, they will be asked to further review the springboard proposal and supporting documentation, and any community input received. The next meeting will spend additional time walking through the springboard proposal with the Technical team, as well as starting to focus on elementary boundaries. 

Meeting Minutes

2021 Boundary Review Committee - December 3, 2020

Welcome and Introduction

  • Josh Almy, Deputy Superintendent, kicked off Boundary Review Committee (BRC) meeting and facilitated introductions
    • Ron Thiele, Superintendent, thanked BRC members for their time and support with development of boundary recommendations
    • Jake Kuper, Chief of Finance and Operations (CFO) introduced as co-facilitator with Dr. Almy
  • BRC members consist of:
    • One parent representative from each elementary school (ES) – 15 in all
    • One parent representative from each middle school (MS) – 5 in all
    • One principal representative from each ES and MS in District – 20 in all
      • All members were present, and each member is a voting member – 40 votes
    • Technical Committee members are non-voting members of committee and consist of District Administration
      • Deputy Superintendent
      • Chief of Finance and Operations (CFO)
      • Executive Director of Finance and Support Services
      • Executive Director of Elementary Schools
      • Executive Director of Middle Schools
      • Executive Director of High Schools
      • Executive Director of Special Services
      • Executive Director of Communications and Digital Strategy
      • Director of Capital Projects
      • Director of Transportation
      • Transportation Supervisor
      • Administrative and Technical Meeting Support Staff

Agenda Review and Meeting Dates/Times

  • Walkthrough of agenda with BRC members
  • Four meetings scheduled in total, with a fifth meeting if necessary – through February 2021

Group Operating Norms

  • Walkthrough of group operating norms
  • Will be loosely based on “Robert’s Rules of Order”
  • Discussed need around establishing quorum and threshold for passage of votes
  • Once quorum established
    • Motion will be made
    • Motion will need to be seconded
    • Call for vote
  • Technical team does not vote

Community / Stakeholder Feedback and Committee Information Timeline

  • Committee materials will be posted to the ISD website prior to meetings – Boundary Review 2021
  • Community input can be sent to the BRC via email:
    • Emails received will be sent via PDF email to BRC members Tuesday prior to each meeting
  • Any committee member can reach out to Dr. Almy, Mr. Kuper, or any member of Technical Team with questions throughout process

How to Conduct a Boundary Review in Virtual Setting

  • Acknowledgement of virtual environment being different than physical environment in boardroom
  • All meetings will be held virtually over Zoom and utilize breakout rooms and voting polls as needed
  • Meetings will also be livestreamed to public via ISD YouTube channel
    • Note: during breakout room sessions, livestream will be turned off

Charter Review

  • April 2016 – voters approved $533M bond issue that allowed for construction of four new schools along with other improvements District wide
  • This committee is focused on boundaries for two new elementary schools and one new middle school
    • ES 16 & MS 6 – opening Fall 2021
    • ES 17 – opening TBD
  • Starting point: springboard proposal
    • BRC action – voting to change springboard and bringing forward recommendation to Superintendent
  • Parameters
    • BRC members, while representing their school, must also act in the best interest of the District
    • Must also take into consideration impact of bussing / timing of transportation
  • Limitations
    • Does not include high school boundary discussion
    • Does not include placement of programs (ie MERLIN, LRCII, etc)
    • Does not include grandfathering of students
  • Must also take into consideration emotional and cultural effects of boundary changes
    • How can we best accept families into a new school or a new boundary change?

Voting Thresholds and Quorum Requirements

  • BRC members were placed in five separate breakout rooms to come to consensus on two questions to share with the larger group
    • What constitutes a quorum? (out of 40 voting total members)
      • What is the minimum number of members that must be present at meeting?
    • What constitutes a passing percentage (%) for a vote?
  • Each group reported out on discussions
    • Quorum range: 70% - 75%
    • Passing range: 75% - 80%
  • Motion was made by Dana Rundle, and seconded by Tod Wood to establish quorum at 75% (30 people) and to establish passage of vote at 75% (30 people).
  • Results of poll: 97% YES (39 people), 3% NO (1 person) – MOTION CARRIED

District Enrollment and Facility Data

  • Kuper walked BRC members through historical and future enrollment numbers, along with information regarding District facilities
    • All information is found on the ISD Boundary Review website and will also be sent to committee members via email
    • Historical Counts by Buildings – from 2005 to present
      • Addition of ~ 5000 students from 2005 to 2020
      • Effects of COVID are shown in current year’s enrollment (down 5% / 1000 students)
    • Enrollment Trends – ISD is one of fastest growing Districts in State
    • Elementary Enrollment – broken out by each building
      • Large uptick/downtick takes into consideration new building or boundary change
    • Elementary School Averages by Area
      • Central Area – Issaquah High feeder pattern
      • North Area – Skyline High School feeder pattern
      • South Area – Liberty feeder pattern
    • Elementary Portable Classrooms by Area – not considered permanent capacity
      • ISD is in Top 5 Statewide for onsite portables
    • Portable Building Inventory – 221 classroom equivalents
    • Middle School Enrollment Trends
      • Average for MS ~ 1000 students; note Maywood MS outlier
    • Enrollment Budget Projections vs Actual
      • 2020-21: Kindergarten largest number of students planned but not attending
    • Enrollment Projections through 2025-26
      • Standard Model – shows mediocre growth
      • Continued COVID Decline Model – shows large decline
      • COVID Bound Back Model – shows large growth
    • Standard of Service - how ISD accounts for class size
      • K-5 class size: average 20 students
      • 6-8 class size: average 26 students
    • Student Factors – Single Family and Multi Family Housing
      • Data shows how many students are potentially generated from new construction
    • Urban Growth Boundary Map – can only build new schools within this area
    • Capacity Charts – permanent, portable and future portable capacity at our school buildings

Springboard proposal for Boundaries

  • Kuper walked BRC members through Springboard proposal and supporting documentation
    • All information is found on the ISD Boundary Review website and will also be sent to committee members via email
  • All elementary and middle schools across the top, including new schools – ES 16, ES 17 & MS 6
  • October 1 Enrollment Count used
  • Puts all students back into their “home” school – not necessarily where they are enrolled
  • District has been broken up into “pieces”
    • Piece count = current enrollment plus students of staff who live outside District (spread across buildings)
    • Includes permanent and portable capacity
      • Note: MS 6 has no room for portables
      • Note: ES 16 & ES 17 will be smaller based on land constraints
    • Includes additional 5 – 10% expected growth
  • Piece Count Key will show how District is broken out - 72 pieces
  • School Feeder Patterns – shows flow of elementary schools to middle schools to high schools
    • Some elementary schools will be split going into middle school
  • Maps that follow show the different variations of proposed boundaries – note that 10 schools boundaries were not touched (most in South End)
    • Bottom of map will show if it is EXISTING, NEW or NO CHANGES Boundary for school, with associated piece number shown in map

Overview of Next Meeting and Closure

  • ACTION to BRC members – familiarize yourself with Springboard proposal and be ready to discuss at next meeting
  • PDF files will be emailed to BRC members with enrollment and facility data, and springboard proposal with maps
  • Reach out to Dr. Almy or Mr. Kuper with any questions in the interim
  • Next meeting – December 17 @ 6PM
  • Almy concluded meeting with thanks to all BRC members for their involvement