February 4 - Meeting Information

2021 Boundary Review Committee Meeting - 6:00-8:00 p.m., Thursday, February 4, 2021

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/7qROWBe2Sio


  • Welcome and attendance
  • Review agenda and approve minutes from last meeting
  • Technical corrections, status
  • Transitions, tools, what is next?
  • Thanks and Closure – September
  • Adjourn

Meeting Mini Summary

2021 Boundary Review Committee - February 4, 2021

Official Action

The committee passed a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the 1/21 committee meeting.


For the fifth and final meeting, committee members were asked to approve the prior meeting’s minutes. Superintendent Ron Thiele thanked all members of the committee for their great work done on behalf of the District and the community. Technical corrections were reviewed, and new District boundary maps were shared. Elementary, Middle School and Special Services Administrators spoke on what transitional steps are in place to ensure all families being moved to new schools will feel included in their new school environments. The meeting concluded with additional thanks from the committee’s co-facilitators to the committee members for their tremendous work during the boundary review process. This concludes the elementary and middle school Boundary Review Committee for 2021.

Up Next

The Superintendent will continue to review the committee’s recommendations, and will present to the School Board on Thursday, February 11. Boundaries will then be considered official, and communication will begin to affected families who will be moving schools for the 2021-22 school year.

Unofficial Meeting Minutes

2021 Boundary Review Committee - February 4, 2021


  • Boundary Review Committee (BRC) members were welcomed by Dr. Josh Almy and CFO Jake Kuper
  • 38 voting BRC members were present, out of 40 total members, meeting quorum requirements
    • Quorum established at 12/3 meeting - 75% of all committee members
    • Quorum reached for 2/4 meeting - 95%

Agenda & Charter Review

  • Walkthrough of agenda with BRC members

Review and Approve Minutes from 1/21 Meeting

  • BRC members were given a chance to review minutes from previous meeting
  • Motion was made by Dana Rundle, then seconded to approve minutes as presented
    • Results: 38 BRC voting members approved – MOTION CARRIED
    • Minutes will now be designated as official

Superintendent Words of Thanks to the BRC

  • Superintendent Ron Thiele thanked all BRC members for their outstanding work done on behalf of the District and the community
  • Superintendent Thiele was very impressed by the dialogue, professionalism and creativity the BRC members exhibited during the process, as well as managing a virtual boundary review so successfully
  • He has reviewed the springboard plans, received feedback from Dr. Almy, CFO Kuper and Transportation and feels confident these plans are achievable
  • Recommendation will be presented to School Board next Thursday, Feb 11; all BRC members will receive notification prior to meeting

Technical Corrections

  • Rainbow Lake Ranch neighborhood had asked BRC to look into moving from Sunny Hills to ES #16, located across Issaquah-Pine Lake Road
    • If this move were to occur – no bussing would be available (due to proximity) and students would have a long crossing across busy road
    • Result: Due to safety considerations, decision was made to keep this neighborhood at Sunny Hills
  • Sunset and ES #17 had minor adjustments to correct boundary maps

New Boundary Maps

  • Kuper brought up new District maps to show BRC members how boundaries had changed
    • 2 Elementary School boundaries changed (Sunny Hills and Clark to ES #16);
    • ES #17 (when built) will have Creekside boundary change
    • All Middle School boundaries have changed to feed into MS #6
  • All new boundary maps are posted onto District website
  • New boundaries will be good starting point for future High School Boundary discussions

Q&A from BRC Members

  • Kelly Butterworth (Sunset) – Question has arose in community with new MS boundary changes – is my student now going from a less populated building (PCMS) to overcrowded (IMS)? Have updates been made on the spreadsheets showing the “new” estimated enrollment numbers after all pieces have been moved so we can share with community members that may have this concern?
    • ANSWER: Mr. Kuper will verify spreadsheet is updated with new enrollment figures. As it currently stands, when MS #6 opens, it will house 716 students. IMS will go from 975 to 820, and PCMS will go from 1028 to 762. One goal of committee was to “right size” Middle Schools, which will average around ~ 800 students each (note that MS #6 is built smaller than other middle schools due to building footprint).
  • Amy Myhre (Endeavour) – Even though this committee was not tasked with placing programs, any updates if MERLIN, SciTech, etc will be moved or expanded?
    • ANSWER: Kuper mentioned these determinations are close to being finalized, after final boundaries have been established, and enrollment reviewed.

Transitions and Next Steps

  • Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools Jodi Bongard shared plans of how we will ease the transition for families and welcome them to their new elementary schools
    • Notification letters and FAQ’s will be sent to all students who will be moved to new schools
    • Transportation E-Link will be updated with new boundary information so parents can confirm their home school
    • Partnerships with PTSA – reachout has occurred with Issaquah PTSA Council to start process of creating new PTSA for ES #16 and how parents can get involved
    • New school lists are being created for ES #16, Clark and Sunny Hills, and transition committees, with support from Principals at these schools, are being developed
    • Future opportunities to visit new schools, virtual tours, meet and greets with students and staff
    • Establishing new mascot, school colors, logowear, etc for ES16 with input from students and parents
    • Placement meetings to occur with students moving schools so they will have familiar faces in each class; also ensuring any student with special needs has proper support in new school
    • Communication to families throughout the transition process
  • Principal Tera Coyle, who will be leading ES #16, reiterated Ms. Bongard’s points and is excited to learn who her new families are to welcome them into their new school
    • She will also reach out to those families and ensure parents from each feeder school will be part of the core transition team
    • Communication should be sent out to all new students of ES #16 on February 22
  • Susan Mundell, Executive Director of Elementary Education, also mentioned in addition to front line support of building Principals, her, in addition to Assistant Superintendent Bongard, will be available for support from the District level
  • Dana Bailey, Executive Director of Special Services mentioned that ES #16 will have an LRC 1 program, along with at least 1 LRC 2 classroom.
    • Special Education students have been realigned within their high school boundary patterns, and she is working on middle school alignment currently
  • Jason Morse, Executive Director of Middle Schools shared plans of how families will be transitioned into their new middle schools, and also expressed thanks to the community at large for supporting the building of new schools
    • MS Principals are consulting with ES Principals for placement of students, including transition meetings for students with special needs
    • Notification letters and FAQ’s will be sent to all students who will be moved to new schools
    • Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) Program established at Middle Schools that allow older students to help younger students adjust to middle school experience
    • Future opportunities to visit new schools, virtual tours, meet and greets with students and staff
  • Principal Erin McKee, who will be leading MS #6, mentioned community can provide input for the new principal for Maywood (of which she is the current Principal)
    • Core Team is looking forward to welcoming new students to new building, and considers this energizing work in a time of uncertainty
    • MS #6 will be sending out surveys for students and parents on ideas for mascot and school name
    • Letters will be sent to all students transitioning on February 22
  • Comment was made that incoming 7th grade students may not have even set foot inside a middle school before, and this will be taken into consideration as part of welcoming them to new building

Closure and Adjournment

  • Almy thanked all BRC members, including the Technical and Administrative team, for their dedication and hard work during this process
  • CFO Kuper also gave thanks to the BRC members and their support of the process for diving into the complexities of a virtual boundary review during a global pandemic
  • A “virtual” cake was shared by Dr. Almy to all in support of their time and effort
  • Next steps include the Superintendent presenting recommendations to the School Board on Thursday, Feb 11, then transition teams will begin communication with affected families