Field Trips

Staff contact for field trips
Anita Baker, Field Trip Dispatcher

Field trips are defined as travel away from the school premises, under the supervision of a staff member, for the purpose of affording students a direct learning experience not available in the classroom. The District recognizes that field trips when used for teaching and learning integral to the curriculum are an educationally sound and important ingredient in the instructional program of the schools.

Field Trips fall under three (3) defined categories:

  1. Routine Field Trips. School-sponsored, school-chaperoned trips in the community or in the metropolitan area which can be conducted in one day.
  2. Extended Field Trips. School-sponsored, school-chaperoned trips which will take students a distance greater than l50 miles from school.
  3. Overnight Field Trips. All school-sponsored, school chaperoned field trips which necessitate that students be away from home overnight.

For parents

  • Each student will bring home a permission form for parent signature. A signed form is required for each participating student and must be received at least three (3) days in advance of the trip or five (5) days in advance for extended and overnight field trips.
  • There are different field trip permission forms for specialty field trips. Students will bring home the appropriate permission form for each field trip.
  • Our parents often play an important supervisory role on school sponsored field trips. A completed Volunteer Packet is required for each participating parent chaperone. Please visit the Volunteers page to complete the online Volunteer Packet, which must be completed each school year.

For staff

Guidelines and checklist for staff

While the value of field trips is recognized, it is equally important that field trips not supplant the learning and curriculum objectives for students in a specific classroom, nor should they serve to supplant the learning and curriculum objectives for students of other course disciplines within the school.

  • Field trip guidelines are provided here to ensure a balance between the value of field trip learning experiences and the value of learning and curriculum objectives met within the school classroom.
  • The Field trip checklist** may be used by staff for planning purposes and working with building administration on proposed field trips. **April 2012: Please note new insurance requirements for 2012-13 and beyond.

Field trip policy and related forms and procedures