Flex Time

Flex Time

Skyline High School offers a support time called Flex Time in our weekly schedule to give students opportunities to work with teachers and get their academic needs met.

The goal of Flex Time is: To empower students to be balanced and successful in school by providing guided opportunities to focus on individual academic needs.

Flex Time allows students to access additional time and support from their teachers, as well as allowing opportunities to make up missed assignments, tests or labs. Students can use this time to get feedback and guidance from teachers. Students’ Flex Time schedules will be a combination of student choice and teacher request.

This time allows students to be balance the demands on their time by completing more of their academic work during the school day, giving them more time for family, friends and activities in the afternoons.

During most weeks, Flex Times are scheduled for:

  • Tuesdays between 1st and 2nd period
  • Wednesdays after 6th period

    Students sign up for specific classes in FlexiSched


    Flex Time will occur twice weekly during most normal school weeks, however that time may also be used for school business such as surveys, testing, and assemblies.

If students do not sign up for offerings, they will be assigned to the Default Classroom.  After 9am on Monday, students will not be able to change their sessions for the week on FlexiSched.