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Skyline athletes will be exemplary academically as well as athletically, will be leaders in the school community, and will improve the culture of the school through the lessons learned on the field.

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Athletic Eligibility

Athletes must have passed all classes of the previous term with a 2.0 GPA. Any NC and/or U grades will be factored into the GPA computations as an F in that subject. Students not meeting the 2.0 GPA WILL be placed on academic probation for the first three weeks of contests. Students who meet the 2.0 GPA criteria but who do not pass all classes will be put on two weeks probation. During probation an athlete may practice with the team but not participate in contests. Probation weeks will include any break during which a team is competing. At the end of the probation period grades in all classes will be checked. If an athlete is passing all classes at this time with a 2.0 GPA s/he will be off probation. If the grades are still deficient the student will be placed on second two-week probation. If a student completes a third probation without rectifying the situation s/he is ineligible for the rest of the season. In order to maintain athletic eligibility during the current semester, a student shall maintain passing grades in all subjects with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students who are not passing all classes or fall below the required 2.0 GPA during the season will be placed on academic probation for two weeks of contests.


Spartan Logo - Honor, Pride, Scholarship, Integrity, ExcellenceAthletic Director: Brent Kawaguchi
Phone (425) 837-7748
Fax: (425) 837-7763

Athletic Coordinator: Marie Werbel
Phone (425) 837-7737

Athletic Trainer: Megan Swartz
Phone (425) 837-7896

Athletic Trainer:  Cheryl T. Reed

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Please click here to find out information and schedules for your favorite teams!  Disclaimer:  Coaches have the most updated schedules, so please check with them for accuracy.  Go Spartans!


Home Game Attendance requirements:

1)  RSVP to google form invite is required for entry (you will receive the link via Final Forms)

2)  Health Attestation completed on day-of-event -- verification by screen shot or printed paper attestation




**Update: New statement from the KingCo Conference 1/14/21

The KingCo Conference has made the determination that while the WIAA has announced Season 1 sports beginning on February 1,  KingCo schools will not be starting our sports seasons on that date. The KingCo Athletic Directors, in concert with the KingCo Principals and the KingCo Board of Directors, are in the process of developing a plan for sport participation opportunities to begin on March 1, 2021, as conditions and regional metrics allow.


ISD Athletics Return to Participation Plan 3.0 2.4.21


ISD Athletics Return to Participation Plan 2.0_1-16-21


ISD Athletics Return to Participation Plan 2020-2021


Start and End Date for Athletics 2020-21 as of 1/21/2020

All Date Subject to Change


Fall – March 1 –  April 3 / Football 2/24-4/3

Winter – April 5 - May 8  / Gymnastics 3/29-5/8

Spring – May 3 – June 12



Concussion Protocol and Return to Play Procedures:

Please go to our Sports Medicine website for concussion information.