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Skyline athletes will be exemplary academically as well as athletically, will be leaders in the school community, and will improve the culture of the school through the lessons learned on the field.

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Please stay tuned to this page for updates. GO SPARTANS!

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Athletes must have passed all classes of the previous term with a 2.0 GPA. Any NC and/or U grades will be factored into the GPA computations as an F in that subject. Students not meeting the 2.0 GPA WILL be placed on academic probation for the first three weeks of contests. Students who meet the 2.0 GPA criteria but who do not pass all classes will be put on two weeks probation. During probation an athlete may practice with the team but not participate in contests. Probation weeks will include any break during which a team is competing. At the end of the probation period grades in all classes will be checked. If an athlete is passing all classes at this time with a 2.0 GPA s/he will be off probation. If the grades are still deficient the student will be placed on second two-week probation. If a student completes a third probation without rectifying the situation s/he is ineligible for the rest of the season. In order to maintain athletic eligibility during the current semester, a student shall maintain passing grades in all subjects with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students who are not passing all classes or fall below the required 2.0 GPA during the season will be placed on academic probation for two weeks of contests.


Spartan Logo - Honor, Pride, Scholarship, Integrity, ExcellenceAthletic Director: Brent Kawaguchi
Phone (425) 837-7748
Fax: (425) 837-7763

Athletic Coordinator: TBD
Phone (425) 837-7737

Athletic Trainer: Megan Swartz
Phone (425) 837-7896

Athletic Trainer:  Cheryl T. Reed

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Welcome to the new home of Skyline Athletics!

Please click here to find out information and schedules for your favorite teams!  Disclaimer:  Coaches have the most updated schedules, so please check with them for accuracy.  Go Spartans!



(Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Swim & Dive, Gymnastics, Coed Wrestling)


Greetings Skyline Athletes!


The start of Winter Sports Season is fast approaching!  Please read the info below for important information and registration deadlines!


2021-22 Winter Sports Season regular season dates:

Start Date:  Monday, November 15th, 2021

End Date:  February/early March 2022*

*Season may extend based on success of each sport during post season


The registration deadline is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12th at 12 NOON.


Please register early!  Some Winter Sports are cut sports -- late registration may impact your chances of making the team.  


Registration is complete if you have completed BOTH items below:


1) Online registration in Final Forms - both parent and student sections, including a current physical.  Final Forms link:


2) Payment required for ASB membership (one-time payment of $60 for the entire school year) and Winter Sports fee of $200


Payment is NOT accepted in Final Forms.  You may complete payment at ISD's payment portal, accessible on Skyline High School's website and at the following link:

Record of payment in Final Forms is manually updated.  Thank you for your patience.  


Please watch for Athletics updates communicated through E-news and the Skyline website.  


If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director Brent Kawaguchi


We are looking forward to your participation this year!  Go Spartans!





    Welcome back Spartans! We anticipate a more “typical” athletics season for 2021-22 Below is a summary of K-12 Athletics Guidance pertaining to COVID-19 protocol. For more detailed information, please refer to pgs. 14-16 of the Washington State DOH K-12 School Requirements
    Please Note: Restrictions are subject to change based on DOH and WIAA recommendations.



    • Season Format: We will have a regular season and path to playoffs and state tournament as we have done in the past (prior to COVID). Skyline resides in 4A KingCo League.
    • Season Schedule: To access league/sport schedules, go to our new website:





    • Masks
      • Outdoor Sports:  Fans are required to wear a mask if not vaccinated. When actively competing/training, athletes are NOT required to wear masks for any outdoor sport. Masks recommended at all other times (i.e. on sidelines/bench)
      • Indoor Sports: ALL FANS are required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Athletes are NOT required to wear masks indoors if they are in a low or moderate sport (volleyball, gymnastics, swim) OR they are vaccinated and in a high-risk sport (wrestling and basketball). PLEASE NOTE: High risk indoor sports will require screening/antigen testing of unvaccinated athletes in order to participate. ALL ATHLETES must wear mask indoors if not actively training or competing regardless of vaccination status.
      • Coaches: Similar to fans. If outdoors, required to wear mask if not vaccinated. If indoors, masks required regardless of vaccination status.
    • Attestations/Entry
      • There will be NO attestations or temp checks at entry. Participants and fans need to self-attest; meaning, if not feeling well and have symptoms, stay at home.
    • Transportation/bus
      • Sports will have district provided transportation (buses). Athletes are expected to ride the bus to events.

    Concussion Protocol and Return to Play Procedures:

    Please go to our Sports Medicine website for concussion information.