Core Covenants

Skyline Athletics - Spartan Covenants

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COMPETE – All members of the team. All the time.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Prefontaine

Self-advocate and communicate with teachers.

Compete in the classroom.

Realize that hard work leads to success and that true success cannot be achieved without hard work.

Humility before pride.

  2. How we handle EXPECTATIONS

Have a vision of how good we could be so that you understand WHY we are working so hard.


Set a positive example on and off the field. Being their coach never stops.

Make a concerted effort to reach out to kids who struggle academically.

Communicate the academic probation process clearly to athletes and parents.

Ask yourself, “Would you play for you?”

Be a coach that encourages players to reach their potential, not someone who discourages them from trying.

Be a part of the Spartan Community. Attend other sports’ events and find ways to support our non-athletes.

Athletic Department

Emphasize sportsmanship among our fans and parents. We can be the best at that, too.

Have systems in place to ensure that all WIAA, Kingco, and ISD rules are followed. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Communicate the academic probation process clearly to athletes, teachers, parents, and coaches.

Support athletes who are struggling in the classroom. Don’t just take a punitive approach.

Celebrate our academic successes.

Publicize our successes.

Take pride in the truly important stuff – not just wins and championships.

Work to create a game atmosphere that our community can enjoy.

Be among the most organized AD’s in the league. No dropped balls.

Hold all coaches to a high standard with our covenants.


Model poise and confidence in the stands, in the community, and at home.

Understand how the student-athlete experience fits into kids’ lives as a whole.

Support academic success along with athletic. Encourage follow-through by your kids with both their coaches and their teachers.

Represent the Spartan Community well before, during, and after the game.

“Preparing our kids for the road, not preparing the road for our kids.”

Seek out ways to support your kids’ program. It takes a village…

Realize that your support through the wins AND the losses makes a difference.


  1. Give kids a great experience.
  2. User sports to teach life lessons.