In-Person Learning Update for Middle & High School Students

Dear Issaquah School District Community,

As of May 20, 2021 the key indicators of COVID-19 activity in King County, dipped to 191/100K residents. Per the agreement between the Issaquah School District and the Issaquah Education Association (our teachers union), once cases are at or less than 200/100K for five consecutive school days, middle and high school students will be provided the option to return to school four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

The District will continue to closely monitor the King County COVID rates. If case rates stay at or below 200/100K for the required 5 consecutive school days, the District will transition to the 4 days per week of instruction option for middle and high students on Thursday May 27, 2021. Students can continue to attend 2 days per week or remain remote based on the learning schedule they prefer.

Class rosters have been provided to all affected middle and high school teaching staff, so they are able to prepare for their additional in-person students. The Districts operational departments are also prepared for the expansion to 4 days per week learning for our students who select this option.

Please know, the May 27, 2021 return date is contingent upon case rates remaining at or below 200/100K. The data we are monitoring suggests that the COVID cases are continuing to decline, which provides all of us a positive outlook for the scheduled expansion of in-person learning for our middle and high school students next Thursday, May 27.

Thank you all for your patience and perseverance.