Quarantine Guidelines for the 2021-22 School Year

We want you to be aware of what will happen this year when students must stay home because they were exposed to COVID or become COVID-positive. The Washington Department of Health has made changes to the definition of a close contact for K-12 education. Students may not be considered a close contact if they are wearing their masks and maintaining the new physical distancing guideline of three feet from one another to the degree possible. We will, of course, continue to consult with public health officials as needed, but this means we will likely have fewer students required to quarantine because they are determined to be close contacts in our schools.

Given this information, below is specific information if a student must stay home:

You, as a parent, can excuse the absence like you would for any illness through all your school’s available channels.

At the elementary level, your student’s teacher will treat that absence like any other illness.

  • K-5 teachers will gather and collect classroom materials that a student may need to complete missing work. This could include the use of digital media platforms like Seesaw, Clever, iReady or Zearn.
  • The teacher will work closely with each student upon return to the classroom to ensure they are caught up.
  • In the event of a whole classroom closure, our K-5 teachers will provide remote instruction to the class while students are at home. Teachers will instruct from their classrooms.

Our middle and high school students who are fully vaccinated and remain asymptomatic will not need to quarantine.

In middle school and high school, if a situation arises in which a student is unvaccinated and/or develops symptoms, teachers will use their typical communication channels for any excused absence.

  • They will continue using Canvas as their learning management system so class materials will be there.
  • They will communicate with students via Canvas and email.
  • They may also communicate with families via email as needed.
  • They can arrange to have hard copy materials picked up in the main office as needed.

We look forward to serving your students and have created backup and contingency plans for the event that absences resulting from COVID increase beyond levels we see for other illnesses. Both district office staff and our partners in the Issaquah Education Association stand ready to respond and make adjustments to serve our students well.