Student Placement Process

Placement Change Request

Sunny Hills Placement Change Request Procedures


Parents may submit a letter to the principal regarding individual student concerns. Procedures for submitting a letter are posted on our school website and will be sent each spring via eNews.


Teachers and specialists work together to create balanced classes using the following criteria:

  • A balanced ratio of girls to boys
  • A balanced of academic achievement levels
  • Behavior factors regarding each student
  • Compatibility of student with others in the classroom (i.e., separating students who have not worked well in the past)
  • Independent work habits
  • Social need and leadership skills of the students
  • Recommendations of teachers, guidance team and parents will be considered but not guaranteed.

End of June through August

Adjustments are made to incorporate new students and increased/decreased staffing.

During the First Two Weeks of School

Parents and staff evaluate how the classroom assignments are working for students. If there are concerns, the following process is followed:

  1. Student participates in class for 10 school days. During that time, parents meet with the teacher to discuss concerns and problem solve.
  2. If concerns continue, information is provided in writing, identifying and clarifying the concerns.
  3. Principal meets with parents and reviews the concern(s).
  4. If a Guidance Team review is warranted by Principal, a meeting will be set. Concerns and data will be reviewed by the Guidance Team. Parents will be informed of the Guidance Team’s decision.

Revised 08.27.17