Staff Focus

Staff Focus for 2018-19

Growth Mindset

Our work creating a growth mindset continues. We began with add "yet" to any statement that began as a fixed mindset. For example, we would take, "I'm not good at math" and change it to "I'm not good at math yet." In our second year, we added developing grit. We worked with students to help them strengthen their resolve to tough it out when faced with learning challenges. This year we will support students in showing resilience. Resilience will help them manage their feelings around learning challenges, social challenges and every day stresses. To support your child, model for them how you work through any problems you face. Share with them the feeling you had and tell them how you used your growth mindset to put the problem in perspective as you found a solution. 

Learning Styles

With our ever growing population we encounter more students who learn differently than their typical peers. We believe that all students, regardless of how they learn, can and will learn. Our professional development focus this year will be on learning more about how the brain is wired if you are a child who has experienced trauma, has a diagnosis of ADHD or anxiety, or if you are a student who qualifies for our HCAP program. During the year, teachers will learn from experts about the specific needs of students who fall into one of these categories. Current neuroscience findings will be introduced and teachers will apply their learning to support your child. 

Positive Relationships

This is an area that we will always continue to foster. Relationships are the key to our success. Staff will continue to greet their students at the door each morning, take time to get to know each child and build a solid working relationship with the families they serve. Mrs. Przybylski and I, along with our support staff, will be there to support all students, families and staff. In addition to the daily work we do, staff will participate in two cultural competency trainings. 

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

August and September will give us time to review our State and District scores. Based on our findings, we will create a SIP that moves our staff and students forward in the area of reading, writing or math. Updates related to this will be posted on our website and sent to our community via eNews.