Parking & Traffic Safety


Red: No parking
Green: Parking spots
Yellow: Crosswalks
Blue: Bus Zone
Purple: Student drop off/pick up zone

Before School

Students are to arrive at school no earlier than 9:00 a.m. There is no supervision for students prior to this time. Students enter the building at 9:05 a.m. Line up locations:

  • Kindergarteners line up in front of A wing (preschool/kindergarten) entrance. Kindergarten teachers escort
    students to their classrooms.
  • First, Second, third, fourth and fifth graders line up in front of the main entrance.

A Para Professional will dismiss first-fifth graders to enter the building. Students go directly to their classrooms. Students enrolled in the Sockeye Club (school-age child care) go directly from the program to line up at the main entrance. Students must line up outside the classroom until their teacher, or other responsible adult allows them to enter the room.

After School

Kindergarten and first grade teachers escort students to the bus loading zone. For everyone’s safety, a Para Professional is stationed at the crosswalks on West Lake Sammamish Parkway, parking lot crosswalks and the bus loading zone. In addition, School Safety Patrol students assist families in using the parking lot crosswalks.

  • Bus riders are to immediately load buses if the bus has arrived or wait quietly in line for buses that have not arrived. A Para Professional will check to see if every class is out of the building before dismissing buses. For safety reasons, students who live in a bused area may not walk to school.
  • Car riders: If you are picking your child up after school and are using the car lane, you must have a color coded sign that was given to your child from the school with their name, teacher and grade level. The sign must be displayed in the front windshield of your vehicle when you come to pick up your child after school. It is very important that you keep the sign, even if you know your child will seldom be picked up. If you don’t have the sign, you will have to park in a designated area and come pick your student up from the Student pick-up area at the front of the school. This is done so that the best possible safe environment is provided for our students.

As a reminder:

· Please stay in your vehicle in the pick-up Lane.

· It is very important and necessary that we keep the traffic moving.

· Please do not leave your vehicle in the drop-off/pick-up lane for any reason.

· If it is necessary to come into the school, please park your vehicle in a designated parking spot.

· Please use the crosswalks to move from the parking lot to the sidewalk areas.

  • Walkers. Parents are encouraged to walk with their child or transport their child if they live in an area not served by school buses. (More information below under Walking To/From School)

School Buses

Students are expected to behave safely and properly on the bus and at bus stops. The Transportation Department provides a School Bus Information for Parents and Students handout at the start of the school year. It includes information about student conduct, school bus rules, emergency evacuation procedures, bus passes, parent- driver communication and other important information. Bus stop information is available on the District website. For further information, call the Transportation Department at 425-837-6333.

Bus Passes

Bus Passes are required for students who wish to depart the bus at a different authorized stop or to ride a different bus to or from school. Passes are issued on a space available basis only. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a pass will be approved. To obtain a bus pass, parents are required to send a note from home stating the date, current and new bus route number and person he/she is going with. Students should give their note to the office who will issue the bus pass. No bus passes are issued the first two weeks of school or the last two weeks of school, except in emergencies.

Release of Students

Students will not be released to any person other than a parent or guardian unless authorized by the parent or guardian. This authorization must be written on the student’s Emergency Information form. Verification of the authorization by school personnel is appropriate, if there is any doubt about the authenticity of the request. In addition, once students have arrived on school grounds, they may not leave without permission. Students who are not picked up on time must sit in the office lobby to wait for parent/guardian.

Students Staying After School

After school is dismissed, students are expected to go directly home, or to pre- arranged childcare. Only students enrolled in supervised school activities may remain at school. Arrangements must be made in advance between students, parents, guardians and teachers for permission to attend these activities.

Walking To/From School

Students should never accept a ride from a stranger. Please talk to your students about the following points to be observed on the walk to and from school:

  • Walk on the shoulder or sidewalk; preferably single-file if space does not allow for walking with another person.
  • It is usually best to walk on the left-hand side of the road, facing traffic (so cars are going the opposite direction you are).
  • Avoid taking shortcuts through woods or private property.
  • Arrive at the crosswalk when the Crossing Guard is on duty – no earlier than 9:00 a.m.

Bicycle Rules

Bicyclists must:

  • Be in grades 3-5 to ride to school.
  • Wear helmets (King County ordinance).
  • Walk their bicycles off and onto the school grounds, using the marked crossings. They are to follow the directions of the school patrol.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way on the sidewalks.
  • If you will be riding your bicycle to and from school, please bring a note to your teacher letting him or her know of the transportation change.

All bicycles must be parked in the designated racks and locked. The school is not responsible for stolen and damaged
bicycles. Skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, shoes with wheels, and scooters (including motorized) are prohibited.


Vehicles must be parked in marked stalls if the driver leaves the car. There is absolutely no double parking. When dropping off or picking up students, parents may wait WITH their vehicles in the loading zone fronting the school. If it is necessary for the driver to leave the car it must be moved out of the fire lane and parked in a stall. School personnel may have cars towed if left unattended in the fire lanes. The speed limit in the parking lot is five miles per hour.