• Chorus Advisor: Mrs. Bean
    • Chorus is comprised of students in grades 4 and 5.
  • Sockeye Club Manager: Ashley Slater and Nikki Butterfield
    • Our chapter of the district's School Age Care program provides activities for club members before and after school.
  • Safety Patrol Advisor: Kathy LeMond 
    • Safety Patrol consists of 5th grade volunteers who demonstrate responsibility and respectful behaviors.  Students work on a rotating schedule to monitor student safety before and after school. Fourth graders will apply and train in the spring to earn a spot for 5th grade. 
  • Waste Watchers Advisor: Michelle Larson
    • Waste Watchers is a program that encourages all Sunset students to dispose of their food waste into specially marked containers as well as recycle appropriate materials to reduce our amount of trash.  The food waste is then converted to compost. Waste Watchers are student volunteers in grades 2-5 that help remind their fellow students to put their lunch items into proper containers. 
  • Student Council: Advisors: Michelle Larson 
    • Members have been elected by their classrooms in grades 3-5.  Members meet monthly in room D-28 to plan activities that promote sustainability, kindness and school spirit. 
  • Sunset Newspaper Club: Advisor: Cami Cress
    • Global Reading Challenge: Advisors: