Submit a tip

Remember, you should call always 911 if you have knowledge that a crime was committed or you know that suspicious activity has been happening in the community.

If you believe someone is unsafe at school or is creating an unsafe environment for others - we want to know about it. The more information we have, the more effectively we are able to respond. When filling out the tip form:

  1. Tell us what you know, what you saw, and what you heard as a first person witness. Please include the details of…
    1. who was involved,
    2. what occurred,
    3. where it happened,
    4. when it happened (day of the week, date, morning or afternoon or clock time),
    5. how often it happened.
  2. Know that it is okay if you do not feel that you have all the information, but share as much detail as you know.
  3. Direct us to the people you believe to have first-hand knowledge of the situation, activity or behavior that is concerning to you.
    1. Please use first and last names of witnesses or students involved if you know them.
    2. If you do not know names please give us an age, a grade or any physical descriptors that might lead us to the right people.
  4. When you choose to include your name and contact information, it can be incredibly helpful as we may have follow up questions that could lead us to a quicker resolution. We understand, however, that you may not want to include that information. If you don’t, we thank you in advance for writing as much as you know in response to #1 through #3 above.